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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be that barista that you visit every morning for your coffee? How do they deal with customers and their weird and wonderful orders? Could you be as restrained as they are?

Today we start a regular series by a real barista who tells it like it is. They wont reveal names or their coffee shop, but they may just give you a new appreciation when you order your next Soy Cafe Latte.



I could shoot that women who wrote ‘I quit sugar’.

Half? One and a half? Really? Have one or none. If you’re cutting down I get it however, regular customers are sticking with their 1/2 sugar order. I believe it’s all in their head. Small tweaks to a coffee order make people feel really important.

So this week I had a lady order an 7/8 oz full flat white (a regular coffee is 8oz). I actually laughed at her. And she joined in at her own ridiculousness. Is she kidding?

The almond milk/coconut milk bandwagon has well and truly arrived. My cafe was built over a year ago, with fridge sizes fit specifically for full cream, skim and bonsoy. Hipsters love to tell me where the milk market is heading and what I should stock.

I love that as a society we are becoming more health conscious and inquisitive, but It makes being a barista a more painful experience.

A consistent order I never understand is an extra extra hot weak skim cap without chocolate. And I mean burn-your-mouth-out hot. If it’s not 100 Degrees Celsius the lady will return it (60′ is standard).

I watch her sit for 10 minutes before even taking a sip. So I told her this week that I can’t make it any hotter as the milk will explode on my hands (or face) and burn me. She replied ‘is that a risk?’
It certainly is lady!

Order of the week:

7/8 full flat white

Half Sugar 🙂

Last Updated on Mar 25, 2015

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