The Hex Tie
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I was having a fun day on the internet browsing and I happened upon this spectacular piece of mens accessory.

This piece of exquisite art apparel changes the way in which men view accessories. No longer are we confined to the thick neck ties, that had material which strangled our necks with immense heat over time. That has been replaced.

Honeycomb Hex Tie


The necktie market has become saturated I feel, and men need a reason to wear ties. Most men refuse to wear them unless it is to a wedding or important business meeting. To which, it would be promptly removed after 5 seconds.

But wearing a statement piece such as this, draws attention and becomes a perfect conversation starter.

New York Hex Tie


This spectacular accessory is inspired by New York city, the place where creativity flows and hopes are developed.

Gold Hex Tie


Head down to to checkout more of their stunning products that range from neckties to bow ties.

hex tie founder


This revolutionary tie that exudes style and grandeur is the child of Enrique Alejandro Peral.

I have ordered my hex tie and will tell you my experience with it in a following article!

Last Updated on Feb 28, 2015

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