Youtuber Lasizwe
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A storm is brewing on social media with homophobic Twitter users attacking openly gay South African YouTuber and reality TV star Lasizwe after he tweeted that youth need to learn about “same-sex love.”

Lasizwe who is best known as the first Black South African to have his own MTV reality show, caused the Twitter backlash after he wrote: “I believe we need to start educating kids from the ages of 7 about homosexuality and make them understand about same-sex love.”


His tweet was soon followed up with another which included a video clip from his MTV Africa show, Fake It till You Make It, in which he discussed his sexuality with his niece.

“This is exactly what I am talking about, educate your children about homosexuality and same-sex love… by educating them you are not encouraging them to be homosexuals but making them understand that dad/uncle dates men or mom/aunt dates women. PERIOD!”

Despite South African law being relatively progressive in regards to LGBT+ rights, his posts sparked a wave of homophobia from his South African followers.
“Teaching them will be endorsing it. Kids should be taught normal norms,” One follower replied. 
“Nothing wrong with being gay, but everything wrong with intentionally making kids gay, “Stop right there!” claimed another.
“It’s about teaching your son to be a man, I’m not gonna allow that nonsense in my son,” stated another. 
Youtuber Lasizwe
Along with the homophobic backlash, the Youtuber also received support from LGBT+ followers and allies, with many saying that the homophobic reactions further highlight the need for LGBT+ inclusive education in South African schools.
“What we’re not gonna do is be quiet when Lasizwe is facing homophobic backlash because he’s doing the work we’ve been asking him to do with his platform,” a supporter tweeted.

“LOUDER!!!! Thank you for Lasizwe using your platform to educate acceptance and love. It is vital to teach #LoveIsLove at an early age, so we can have a better future,” another added.

Last Updated on Aug 31, 2020

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