Mr Gay Hungary Olivér Pusztai (Instagram @oliver_pusztai )
Mr Gay Hungary Olivér Pusztai (Instagram @oliver_pusztai )
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For the first time in the 11 year history of Mr Gay World, Hungary will send a representative and for their delegate Olivér Pusztai the stakes are high and the pressure is on to perform.

After competing in various challenges to take out the Hungarian title, Pusztai is excited about the trip to Cape Town, meeting his fellow delegates and shining a light on what’s happening in Middle-East Europe with the LGBTQ people from Chechnya to Budapest.

“I am the first candidate after many years so the pressure is quite high,” Pusztai explained to Gay Nation.


“I know the Hungarians expect a lot from me, so I’ll do my best, but I don’t want to overstress myself.

“I am totally sure that we will spend a very good time together with all the candidates.

“What I know exactly, that it will be my best experience ever in my life, so I want to enjoy every minute of it.”

Mr Gay Hungary Olivér Pusztai (Instagram @oliver_pusztai )
Mr Gay Hungary Olivér Pusztai (Instagram @oliver_pusztai )

Pusztai explained that in the past 10 years society attitudes towards the LGBTQ community has changed a lot in Hungary.

“The Hungarian LGBTQ community situation is very complicated not just here, but in all those countries which were a part of the old Soviet Union,” said Pusztai.

“Even that we have some gay rights, the people are not open and not really kind to our community.

“I think the lack of openness and acceptance is from the fact that people don’t know the LGBTQ community as well as they could.

“My goal is to create a world where us, LGBTQ people, won’t get any discrimination, where the society accept us as who we are, and don’t label us because of our gender identity, and they don’t bully us because who we love.

“That was the reason to go and try to win in the Mr. Gay Hungary competition.”

Born and raised in Budapest as a real “Budapester”, Pusztai completed a degree in security and foreign policy and has worked for the past ten years in the media as a creative producer and editor.

He has also been modelling since he was 21 and worked for some of fashion’s biggest brands.

“I was working with the biggest fashion brands for 6 years, and I’ve had an amazing experience during this time from Milan to Singapore.

“When I came out and met with my first boyfriend we decided to just go and explore the world together as much as we can.

“I am really satisfied because we’ve been to almost every continent, except South America, where I want to go at least once in my life and make a road trip to discover those countries as well.

“Actually five years ago we were in Australia and in New Zealand on a Gay Cruise together with our friends, it was so much fun! I instantly fell in love with New Zealand.”

Mr Gay Hungary Olivér Pusztai (Instagram @oliver_pusztai )
Mr Gay Hungary Olivér Pusztai (Instagram @oliver_pusztai )

Mr Gay Hungary believes his best chance of winning Mr Gay World will be his honesty and the fact he will say it how it is.

“We hungarians don’t sugarcoat things and just tell it how it is, that’s why I think that I’m a very honest and open minded person.

“I always look at the positive side of life, and it gives me a lot of strength, faith and energy to the people in different areas of life.

“I believe that my vision and opinion, and the knowledge and experience that I represent as an ambassador to the LGBTQ community, can be a strong asset worldwide.”

Mr Gay Hungary will join more than twenty others from around the globe for Mr Gay World in Cape Town South Africa from April 28 to May 4 and Gay Nation will be there to cover all the action.

Last Updated on Apr 20, 2019

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