Simon Vendem and Snake (Instagram)
Simon Vendem and Snake (Instagram)
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Back in the naughties, unless you posted about your relationship and made it “Facebook Official” it wasn’t considered genuine.

It looks as if the new trend in the twenties will be “official couple” selfies on Instagram and this one from the weekend has almost melted down the popular influencing platform.

Classed as an influencer, that term can be very vague these days, young Frenchman Simon Vendeme decided to launch his relationship into “Instagram Official” world.


His boyfriend’s name is Snake and he is a Parisian model. The two are seen shirtless, embracing and caressing each other while another picture shows them about to kiss.

The caption reads “Sometimes boys fall in love with boys … I love you Snake”

Simon Vendem and Snake (Instagram)
Simon Vendem and Snake (Instagram)

The reactions were quick to burst, with a shower of heart emojis in the comments section. And, of course, a lot of compliments: “both too cute”, “adorable”, “magnificent”, “the photos are sublime”.

So far the selfie has had over 5,000 likes and for an Instagram account with only 17,000 followers, this is a pretty big engagement level.


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The Haters

Vendeme is not afraid of some controversy, after being the victim of hate messages and death threats recently after he debuted on another “influencer” platform OnlyFans.

Responding to his haters Vendeme unleashed with a youtube video explaining how criminal the comments can be.

“Cyber-harassment, in any form whatsoever, no longer has its place on social networks in 2020,” Vendeme said on his Youtube caption.

“I am used to talking about subjects that are often taboo or rarely discussed and it was important for me to do this video and raise awareness of cyber harassment and virtual hate.

“Comments are not just words, sometimes they are crimes. Reminder: Cyber ​​harassment can lead to up to 2 years in prison and a fine of € 30,000.

“In short, apart from all these death threats, thank you to my community for always supporting me in my choices and my projects, you are the best, I want the best for you all.”

Let’s hope all this public loving with Snake makes up fro all the hate.

Last Updated on Sep 14, 2020

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