Riyadh Khalaf and Hannah Witton
Riyadh Khalaf and Hannah Witton
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Riyadh Khalaf, a gay YouTuber from Ireland who has amassed over 166,000 subscribers has released a new video featuring fellow YouTuber Hannah Witton, where the pair read mean and homophobic comments posted to their pages.

Riyadh’s latest video which follows on from a recent video which details his parents’ reactions to him coming out as gay, shows the Youtube pair reading out comments from each other’s YouTube channels that they haven’t seen yet.

Unfortunately, Homophobic Messages which have become typical and common on social media such as, “Disgusting homosexual,” “go kill yourself” and comments describing him as an “attention seeking slut” are read out to Riyadh by Hannah.


Comments which are directed at Hannah included people calling her an “idiot”, saying that “she can’t keep her legs shut” and someone claiming that “YouTubers are getting really desperate.”

Despite the emotive and hurtful comments both Riyadh and Hannah are able to laugh about the hurtful and bigoted comments.

Watch the full video below:


Last Updated on Jun 14, 2016

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