Liam Cooper and Samuel Levi - Before and After
Liam Cooper and Samuel Levi - Before and After
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Former Married At First Sight (MAFS) Australia contestant Liam Cooper, who launched a scathing attack on media outlets that claimed he was dating former MAFS New Zealand star Samuel Levi who he stood next to on a red carpet, has today announced the two are now dating.

Pictures of the two appeared in the Daily Mail and Herald Sun in May labelling Cooper as the “MAFS bisexual groom” and that it looked like he was getting on well with Levi. The report even suggested someone at the event thought they might be dating.

Cooper unleashed on the reports at the time questioning why the journalists had to label Cooper as bisexual or why two males cant stand beside each other on a red carpet without people suggesting they may be in a relationship.


“I am more than a label! My sexuality shouldn’t have to do with me finding love or anything to that matter,” Cooper wrote on an Instagram story at the time.

“I also forget that two guys can’t just be mates if they are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Liam Cooper and Samuel Levi
Liam Cooper and Samuel Levi

Fast forward two months and it seems love has blossomed between the two former reality show contestants with a post on both of their social media accounts today with the headline “When a country boy finds a city boy”.

“Life works in mysterious ways and this guy came into my life when I least expected it,” Cooper wrote on his Instagram.

“I know I don’t have to explain my life or what I do but I am very open and honest and wanted to let you all know. I met this guy early this year after the experiment. We hit it off and we remained friends until recently.

“Samuel has shown me what support looks like, what trust looks like and much more. I am scared, I am nervous but most of all I am happy.”


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Levi, the former MAFS New Zealand contestant, posted a smaller version of the post on his Instagram alongside the same picture.

“When a city boy finds his country boy. Life certainly works in mysterious ways. It looks like the “experiment” worked out for the both of us.”

Cooper has left a comment alongside Levi’s post saying “Fuck ya man is a looker.”

Maybe it’s true about the effect a red carpet can have on your love life.

Last Updated on Jul 11, 2021

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