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A new study is wanting to find out what gay and bi guys think about sex and the risks of having sex without protection.

The Kirby Institute, which is based out of the University of NSW in Sydney is a leading research organisation that aims to find out information to fight against blood-borne viruses and related infections in Australia and in the region.

The Looking Study is being run by The Kirby Institute to ask gay and bi guys their thoughts on sex, risk and how they find the right balance.


They are conducting the research a number of different ways including an online survey and face to face interviews.

A lot is changing in the ways gay and bi men can protect themselves when they have sex with other guys.

Many men still choose to use condoms to have safe sex but other options are emerging like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Treatment as Prevention (TasP) which are changing the way some guys think about sexual risk, and the decisions they make as a result.

Both the online survey and the face-to-face interviews will ask a number of questions about what respondents think and do when they have sex with other guys.

Any gay or bisexual man living in New South Wales who is 16 years of age or older is invited to participate in Looking.

If you wish to participate more information can be found here.

Last Updated on Jan 7, 2016

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