Anna & Jordan Bruno from My Kitchen Rules
Anna & Jordan Bruno from My Kitchen Rules
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Openly gay contestant Jordan Bruno has broken down in tears while he and his mum Anna were eliminated from Australia’s number one TV show My Kitchen Rules.

After making it through lots of challenges and instant restaurants on the popular Channel Seven show the Perth team failed to defeat Adelaide couple Carmine and Lauren Finelli in their toughest fight yet.

Jordan and Anna scored 36 points to the Finelli’s 46 points and during the judging Jordan broke down in tears, so upset about not making the final.


The two think their ability to be frank with one another in the kitchen was the key to getting this far in the competition.

This is despite an incident at their instant restaurant earlier this week where judge Manu Feildel chastised Jordan for the way he was speaking to his mother.

“I didn’t think it was that bad because we always bicker in the kitchen,” Jordan said.

Anna added: “It’s not fighting; we debate over the best way to go about things.

“I know Jordan wouldn’t normally talk to me like that but when you are under that much pressure, you do say what you’ve got to say and who cares at the end of the day?”

Appearing on the hit TV show has been a huge life changing journey for Jordan. The Wanneroo local has been a firm fan favourite.

“I get recognised in the street now, so that’s been the most obvious change, but it’s really made me realise my passion for food,” Jordan said to Out Perth.

Jordan Bruno - photo Melissa Louise (OutinPerth)
Jordan Bruno – photo Melissa Louise (OutinPerth)

Jordan also hopes his new public profile will give him an opportunity to campaign for the social equality issues he’s passionate about.

“If I have some social influence and can make more of a stance for marriage equality and things like that, and be heard, that’s good,” Jordan said, sharing that marriage equality is an issue at the top of his list.

Jordan said marriage equality is an issue that affects his whole family.

“My Mum wants to attend my wedding as much as I want to have one,” Jordan said.

“It’s not something that is just about individuals this affects whole families.

“If everyone could get married, that says we’re all on a level playing field. It’s a bit of a joke that it hasn’t happened yet.”

Appearing on the popular cooking programme has brought Jordan legions of admirers, he said they fall into three categories.

“I get three groups who love me, there’s the young girls who think I’m wonderful, the poor things think I’m straight.

“Then I’ve got every single mum who meets me – who just hugs and kisses me – and then say I wish you were my son. Which is really sweet as well.

“The gay audience has been really supportive too, the LGBT network has been right behind me and I’ve had so many messages of support, including people who have told me I gave them the confidence to come out, which has been extremely flattering,” Jordan said humbly.

The final for MKR will be held tomorrow night.

Last Updated on Apr 25, 2016

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