Hugh & Ali wearing Sly Underwear
Hugh & Ali wearing Sly Underwear
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While men’s lingerie has been something of a taboo to speak about for most of the time, it has become an increasingly intriguing subject for discussion. After all, it is at the back of everyone’s minds be it out of curiosity or a sense of a fetish. With that we will discuss about these curiosities before the cat is killed.

The under armour of choice for the classic conventional gentleman. The one who likes his weapon to hang loose with maximum breathing room and space. While boxers are deeply attractive most of the time, try to make sure you wear one that fits around the waist and thighs. If it is too large, it could give the impression that you’re wearing diapers underneath your pants and that is not what you would want , especially on a date. No one wants to date a mega size toddler.

Made famous by the term “tightie whities” people who choose these weapons of choice, I bid you a word of caution. If they are chosen and worn correctly “briefs” can be the sexiest under garment possible but if you cross that fine line, it simply says 2 things about you. Either you left the comforts and bosoms of home at a very late stage in your life or you have absolutely not a care in the world about what looks good in between the sheets. Either of which, be careful.


Boxer briefs
The hybrid. When 2 opposites attract you get the more contemporary boxer briefs. This genre of underwear have become the armour of choice for many young man as they capture the good support that the usual briefs offer without showing all the skin in the world at an uncomfortable level. Men feel safe, sexy and supported. That is important. Sly underwear offer some great choices in playful colours and sexy designs.

Ali wearing Sly Underwear
Ali wearing Sly Underwear

While multiple professional parties have tried to explain the technicalities of protection and support behind this genre of underwear, blatantly speaking, it is something that screams sexual. I have worn this on a number of occasions and every time I put it on, I feel sexy, or empowered, but that’s just my opinion. Perhaps that boost of testosterone levels are what give the induced spike in adrenaline and performance in sportsman.

The dangerous and the adventurous. Other than paying a trip to the strip club or go go boys, this is a hard one to pull. Everything can slip out anytime. Personally it screams promiscuity, like a “tramp stamp.” The stereotypes around it are strong and there should be no reason a man would need to wear these for the “technical” reason which women claim:- “hide their panty lines when they wear skirts.” If you do then I rest my case. So unless you want to give others said perception of yourself, try to stay away from these.

Most of you may have never encountered this piece of garment before. This is something I’ve seen only because I have been a model and here I am writing about the exciting journeys I have been through. The pouch basically wraps around the male genitalia like a sock where the fabric close to the “stem” has tight elasticity to grip and make sure the “pouch” stays in place. For the ones who want to give it a go, I would be very interested to hear your verdicts. Do email me.

Three words from Frozen, “Let it go.”


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Last Updated on Oct 3, 2019

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