Queer Formal 2024 - Minus18 (Instagram)
Queer Formal 2024 - Minus18 (Instagram)
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Melbourne’s beloved Queer Formal for LGBTQIA+ teens is facing a cruel attack. Homophobic groups have been targeting the event, attempting to hijack it by snapping up hundreds of free tickets.

The formal, to be held this coming Saturday night at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), caters to young people aged 12 to 19. It’s a free event, but registration is required. Organisers, Minus18, sounded the alarm after uncovering a coordinated social media campaign urging opponents to “book out the free tickets!”

The hateful rhetoric didn’t stop there. The NGV itself faced messages filled with shame and bigotry, stating the event was inappropriate for 12-year-olds.


This isn’t the first time Queer Formal has been a target. In the past, groups like the Stop Safe Schools Coalition have tried similar tactics, claiming they were “protecting youth” by blocking tickets.

Unfazed, Minus18 assures the community they’ve taken steps to ensure tickets reach the intended audience.

“intimidation and threats aren’t going to stop us from making sure this is a really affirming, unforgettable night,” said Minus18 General Manager Adrian Murdoch.


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The targeted campaign has sparked fear and anxiety. Some young attendees expressed concern, while parents grappled with whether to let their kids attend. However, support is pouring in.

Victorian Greens member of parliament Aiv Puglielli condemned the actions, highlighting the vulnerability of LGBTQIA+ youth.

“I find it quite hypocritical that grown adults who claim to want to protect kids are planning to go and actively intimidate kids just for being queer and wanting to go to a formal,” Puglielli stated.

He further stressed that two-thirds of LGBTQIA+ youth face abuse for their identity, often feeling ostracized from traditional school formals.

The event will be bolstered by the Rainbow Community Angels, who will ensure the safety of attendees. With almost 10,000 young people attending similar events nationwide since 2010, Queer Formal has become a vital space for acceptance and celebration.

Last Updated on Jul 3, 2024

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