Eikon's own David Francis as a feature model in the new SKIN Calendar (Supplied)
Eikon's own David Francis as a feature model in the new SKIN Calendar (Supplied)
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As Australia and New Zealand is about to head into Summer season, a young Melbourne guy has brought the dangers of skin cancer to the front by producing a calendar featuring some sexy guys showing off their bods to raise money for skin cancer research.

Known for his own Instagram account that has 12,000 followers and a blog simply named the Bath Blogger, James Deg, 28, is no stranger to helping others, working for a not-for-profit organisation that supports community service workers.

But his Skin Calendar project began after his own fundraising calendar project last year raised $500 for skin cancer research. This year he is aiming for $5,000.


“I figure this year’s models are at least ten times better than me, so $5000 doesn’t seem unreasonable,” Deg explained to eikon.

“The more money we raise the better, but I believe spreading the message is equally as important.”

James Deg and Dale Stephens in the SKIN Calendar (Supplied)
James Deg and Dale Stephens in the SKIN Calendar (Supplied)

In Australia, skin cancers make up approximately 80% of newly diagnosed cancers each year. This makes the rate of skin cancer occurrence in Australia one of the highest in the world – one in five Australians will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime – yet it is one of the most preventable types of cancer. If left undiagnosed, skin cancer is fatal.

There is no doubt this issue is personal for James. The Mother of his partner Dale passed away last year after a brave battle with melanoma.

“Her strength and determination was inspirational, but no one should have to go through what Liz did.”

“As there is no cure for melanoma, funding skin cancer research is vitally important. But even more urgent is the need for a social change.

“I realised how complacent we have become to the dangers of sun damage. Growing up, we were always taught to be careful; “slip, slop, slap,” “no hat, no play.”

Evan Roberts in the SKIN Calendar (Supplied)
Evan Roberts in the SKIN Calendar (Supplied)

“As adults, particularly in the gay community, there is so much pressure to have a tan.”

“Tans are dangerous, and you don’t need them to be healthy and look sexy.

For the SKIN Calendar, Deg convinced some friends of his to pose for some very sexy photos, all in the name of charity.

“SKIN Calendar not only raises valuable funds for skin cancer research, it also aims to raise awareness of the risks of sun damage,” said Deg.

“SKIN Calendar focuses on the value of protecting your skin while demonstrating that it is possible to be sexy in the skin you’re in.

“The calendar models are friends of mine, who aren’t obsessed with tanning, that are leading the change in embracing your natural skin tone.

Sam Downing and Evan Roberts in SKIN Calendar (Supplied)
Sam Downing and Evan Roberts in SKIN Calendar (Supplied)

Some of the images are very revealing, encouraging those who enjoy some great images to dip into their pockets in the name of research.

And Deg is keen to point out that none of his models are actually nude. All wearing SPF 50+ sunscreen for the shoots.

“They are all lovely guys, and I can’t thank them enough for lending their time and bodies for this project.”

The calendar has also been sponsored by Australian owned swimwear brand Sluggers and provided all of the models with something to wear other than sunscreen.

Anyone can pre-order the calendar by visiting the website www.skincalendar.com.au they only cost $30.00 and 100% of the profits for the calendar will be donated directly to fund cancer research in Australia.


Last Updated on Sep 30, 2016

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