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This is serious, VERY serious, you need to get naked… for bed!

There truly are a multitude of reasons as to “why” -some of which I am have listed below… so join me, get naked for bed.

Better Sleep:

Experts state that sleeping naked will help keep your body at its optimal temperature making it easier for the body to cool down. By reaching your body’s ideal temperature it will make you less likely to toss and turn, of an evening.


sleep nakedBetter Skin:

Sleeping naked means that your skin can breathe all over. Especially those parts that are normally all layered up. It gives everything a chance to breathe and “air out” lowering the risk of athlete’s foot and jock itch.

Better LOVE:

(Okay this one will only work if there is someone in bed with you.)
Sleeping naked with your partner increases your levels of Oxytocin -the “love hormone”- it can boost pair bonding, so you will feel more connected and more “in love”.

A study conducted in the United Kingdom of 1000 couples established that the couples who sleep naked had a happier relationship than the couples who didn’t.


(Again, this one will only work if there is someone in bed with you.)
Sleeping naked increases, the chance of making love. Basically because neither of you will need to undress to get down to business, increasing the chances of love making.

Also research has concluded that higher levels of Oxytocin result in stronger orgasms resulting in a better sexual experience.

Better Confidence:

Sleeping naked makes you more aware of your body. Being naked in your own bed (even home) shouldn’t bring you embarrassment, it is empowering and sexy.

You will be more mindful about YOU and that will increase your confidence and self-esteem levels in all aspects of your life.
So in conclusion, STRIP … for bed, feel more confident, have healthier skin, deeper love and better sleep.

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Last Updated on Jun 19, 2016

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