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Recent studies charting attitudes towards Homosexuals in Russia have shown a backwards trend on views towards the LGBTI Community and increasing homophobia, with as many as 1-in-5 people believing in the ‘liquidation’ of the LGBTI community.

The Yuri Lavada Analytical Centre has been documenting Russian views of marginalised groups since 1989 giving Researchers a clear indication of how the attitudes of Russians are changing over time.

In 1989 when homosexuality was still illegal under Soviet rule, the first study conducted by the Lavada Center seeking Russians’ views on homosexuals, showed that 35% believed sexual minorities should be ‘liquidated’ with 28% believing they should be isolated from the rest of society.


In 1999, six years after homosexuality in Russia was decriminalized, only 15% of those surveyed maintained the view that sexual minorities should be ‘liquidated’ and only 23% believed they should be isolated from society.


However in 2015, after fifteen years of Putin in power, 21% of Russians surveyed believe that homosexuals should be ‘liquidated’ and 37% say they want LGBTI people isolated from the rest of society.

Another poll conducted in May 2015 by the Lavada Centre found that 37% of Russians believe homosexuality is a disease that needs treating.

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Last Updated on Oct 13, 2015

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