Arthur & Aura (Instagram)
Arthur & Aura (Instagram)
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The life of Arthur from Kyiv has changed a lot in the last six weeks. One moment it’s all about drag queen glamour and beekeeping and then the next it’s all about camouflage greens and fighting the enemy.

One of the Ukrainians who has given his all for the freedom of his country is 32-year-old Arthur.

Before the war, he was known by his drag name AuRa. Now, in his Instagram, he shares pictures of himself in an army uniform.


He is not a combat soldier, but assists in the logistical tasks of the Ukrainian army.

He has now worn the uniform, according to him, for “28 days,” since taking on his position in military administration with a focus on logistical coordination of local relief efforts.

Previously married, he and his ex-wife divorced due to each of them, “both missing something in their lives.” Now, although his parents still hope he will marry a second time, he is out of the closet and supported by his friends and those whom he serves, specifically citing his colleagues’ “calm attitude” towards him as an artist.

When asked why he stepped up and joined the battle against the Russian invaders, he responded, “I love my country. Therefore, I decided that I should make every effort to somehow help.”

“I can’t sit at home and just watch people be killed when houses are bombed.”

Arthur is a beekeeper as a hobby and looks forward to going back to that once the war is over.

“The events of recent days in Bucha, Irpin, Borodianka, Kramotarsk and Mariupol are killing each of us. But it won’t kill Ukraine. We will win.”


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Last Updated on Apr 12, 2022

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