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As you eat the last of your Easter eggs and start to chill during this long weekend, we at Eikon thought you might enjoy finding out about some products that you can purchase right her in New Zealand and we think they are pretty good.

Founded in 1963, ECCO as a brand has grown from a small factory in Southern Denmark to an international shoe manufacturing company with more than 11,000 employees worldwide.

ECCO makes a wide range of environmentally sustainable footwear for both Men and Women.


ECCO was first established in New Zealand in 2002 by two Kiwis lads with a passion for footwear, Damon Scott and Cameron Cooper,

Damon, now sole Director in New Zealand said, “It’s a lifestyle brand and it’s heading in the right direction.

Its products are innovative and made in an environmentally sustainable way.

Perhaps being able to control your entire manufacturing process – from cow to consumer – is the reason.”

ECCO Footwear
Model is wearing a pair of ECCO Cairo Shoes and wears a ECCO Denio Messenger satchel.


With four stores in New Zealand, two in Auckland and one in Wellington and Christchurch, shopping for your next pair of comfortable yet fashionable footwear could not be easier as ECCO also has a easy to navigate and operate online store with free nation wide shipping.

ECCO Footwear
Model is wearing a pair of ECCO Findley Chelsea Boots

All ECCO footwear comes with a one-year limited manufacturing warranty for piece of mind, however after seeing the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into each and every pair, I highly doubt you will need it.

ECCO controls the entire production process of their footwear (manufacturing, distribution and sales) from the sourcing and production of raw materials, design and development of products, with the end product delivering to more than 1,000 ECCO shops around the globe.

ECCO Leather

ECCO have created an extremely lightweight and flexible sole with optimum comfort for their footwear.

Direct Injection Production or DIP is the core competence of the ECCO sole technology.

Without using glue or stitching the strongest possible bond is achieved delivering unsurpassed durability and longevity.


For me the biggest pro for ECCO footwear was its comfort.

The ‘DIP Sole’ truly does provide a cushion of comfort like no other.

I found the service in the store itself to be exceptional with helpful and knowledgeable staff.

ECCO also have a great range of accessories and bags for both men and women for more information or to shop online go to their website.

Last Updated on Apr 5, 2015

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