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Volunteering – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Describing any LGBTIQA+ issue is hard. I cannot speak on behalf of a particular queer division or a community that I don’t represent. With respect, I would like to raise a particular issue across all the queer divisions.

I was brought up in strong community conscious environment. An emphasis on family & community presence is vital for survival back home in Borneo. Not just talking about it but actually doing it makes all the difference. With all this in mind, I happen to be gay. And being gay does not change how I was brought up and it definitely does not define me.

Again with great respect and love, we as a queer community have a tendency to “talk more than we walk”. This may not be a predominant issue in our community but I feel it has to be raised.

LYC Volunteer crew at the NZAF Awhina centre in Wellington – supplied

As a community and a society, we sometimes lack social consciousness in this modern age. Social consciousness is consciousness shared within a society. It can also be defined as social awareness or to be aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis.

This leads me to my voluntary work, which has become a passion of mine. It does not necessarily have to be within the LGBTIQA+ community.

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community. The right match can help you find friends, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career. Volunteering can also help protect your mental and physical health.

Unpaid volunteers are often the glue that holds our community together. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need. Volunteering is a two-way street: It can benefit you and your family as much as the cause you choose to help. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills.

LYC Volunteer crew at the NZAF Awhina centre in Wellington - supplied
LYC Volunteer crew at the NZAF Awhina centre in Wellington – supplied

Volunteering is a fun and easy way to explore your interests and passions. It can be a relaxing, energizing escape from your day-to-day routine of work, school, or family commitments. It also provides you with renewed creativity, motivation, and vision that can carry over into your personal and professional life. Increases self-confidence, provides a sense of purpose and combats depression are just some of the benefits.

Remember “Action speaks louder than words.” Go out there and make something of yourself.

Here are some of the sites that will get you started:

NZAF Volunteers:

Habitat for Humanity, New Zealand

New Zealand Red Cross

Volunteer New Zealand

Volunteer Auckland

Volunteer Wellington

Volunteering Canterbury

Lattitude – Global Volunteering

Last Updated on Feb 11, 2016

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