Gus Kenworthy
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Since coming out publicly recently, 24-year-old, world champion freeskier Gus Kenworthy, has collaborated with Phillip Picardi and created a list of the top eight things that straight people should never say to their gay friends.

8. You don’t really seem gay?

“I get this all the time” Phillip Picardi explains. “No … you don’t!” Gus Kenworthy replies.

7. Gay guys just love me!

Phillip Picardi comments, “You have a lot of gay friends … but … your kinda stereotyping us”

6. How did you come out?

“You came out on a magazine cover …” Phillip Picardi teases Gus Kenworthy.

5. Are you sure your gay?

“Oh my god, I have gotten this so many times!” Ken worthy explains, “I’ve literally had friends text me saying ‘I’m so supportive but like, are you sure?’ ”

4. You’re my gay best friend!

“It’s so wrong”

3. You should meet my other gay friend!

“Oh I knew a gay guy in college”

2. OMG, I love gay boys. Lets be friends!

“If that’s your opening line as to why we should be friends, then I doubt it’s going to work.”

1. Why are all the hot ones gay?

“Gay men are just like all the other men you have met in life …” Phillip Picardi explains before Gus Kenworthy adds, “not defined by one word.”



Last Updated on Nov 27, 2015