Ireland Says Yes in 2015
Ireland Says Yes in 2015
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A higher percentage of Australians have now voted in the same-sex marriage postal survey than voted in Ireland’s Same-sex Marriage Referendum in 2015, which saw the marriage laws change to include same-sex couples.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the second weekly estimate of returned forms today and they now estimate that they have received 10.0 million (62.5 percent) survey forms – an increase of 0.8 million forms since the previous week.

The 62.5 percent of the voting population is ahead of the final percentage of votes in the Irish referendum which was 60.52%.


Ireland became the first country to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. In that vote, the Yes vote was confirmed at 62% with 38% for No side.

Unfortunately, a similar Yes Vote in Australia won’t change the law but it would put significant pressure on the Australian Parliament to swiftly enact laws and approve same-sex marriage in Australia.

In the most recent Essential poll support for same-sex marriage as at 61% with against at 32%.

Last Updated on Oct 10, 2017

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