Matt Cameron, chosen to be Mr. Gay Pride Australia's Husband for a Day (Supplied)
Matt Cameron, chosen to be Mr. Gay Pride Australia's Husband for a Day (Supplied)
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The search is over to find Mr. Gay Pride Australia David Francis a husband for the day.

As part of his dedication to making marriage equality a reality in Australia, David Francis was looking to find a husband for a day to participate in a wedding photoshoot which will be used as part of his campaign to take home the Mr. Gay World title.

David is teaming up with Gay Sydney Australia, Photography by Katsu Nojiri and Kombi Weddings for a photo shoot showing all aspects of the wedding between David and Matt Cameron.


Matt, 24, works in the medical operations field and is an active volunteer in the medical community and responsible for around 65 other volunteers.

Matt was nominated to be husband for a day by his friend Mitch who thought he would be the perfect fit for such a task.

“To be honest I thought Mitch was pulling a fast one on me. He’s a cheeky bugger at the best of times so didn’t think much of it until I got talking with David and he shared the message behind it all,” Matt explained to eikon.

“To be fair, this will very much be married at first sight with a sneak peek.

“I’ve only briefly spoken with David. I just hope he’ll put up with the insufferable smartass I am in person.”

Matt Cameron (Supplied)
Matt Cameron (Supplied)

The search for a husband is part of Mr. Gay Pride Australia’s commitment to Marriage Equality, a topic that is strongly supported by new groom Matt Cameron.

“Well, legally I’m aware in Australia we are quite fortunate under de facto legislation to be afforded much of the same rights married couples enjoy in Australia.

“But what’s missing is the emotional connection, or the ability to formally recognise the commitment to your family, friends, and community.

“It’s a big deal to decide to invite someone to share in the rest of your life. So that’s what marriage equality means to me.”

Matt Cameron (Supplied)
Matt Cameron (Supplied)

In making the announcement, Mr. Gay Pride Australia David Francis said he is excited about the photoshoot and so very humbled and impressed with the calibre and response to the competition.

“We had so many wonderful nominations for the competition and it makes me extremely proud that so many guys in our community wanted to be a part of this project and throw their support behind marriage equality.

Mr Gay Pride Australia David Francis
Australia’s Representative for Mr Gay World – David Francis (Supplied)

“If we had endless time I would’ve loved to have had all the nominees involved but I’m excited for who we have chosen and can’t wait to get stuck into the photoshoot on Sunday.”

The campaign has also been supported by Eikon Media and Daily Male.

Last Updated on Apr 11, 2017

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