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In the next instalment of my Mad-Dash series I travel to Ayutthaya in Thailand for an experience, I will never forget.

-Firstly… Pack your insect repellent! I normally never, NEVER get bitten, but I was made a feast of here!
-Secondly… Avoid all dogs. There are packs of Rabid -YES! “RABID DOGS”- all over.
-Thirdly… Enjoy the majestic beauty.

Hotels in Ayutthaya, Thailand are abundant and cheap… I stayed in a beautiful “high end” double with private bathroom for around £7.00 a night. My jaw IS STILL on the floor.


There are multiple temples and ruins to see here so plan a good route accordingly. I hired a bike for a day and ticked at least 15 “historical sites” off.


It was however 40 degrees and 100% humidity, so make sure you hydrate often –especially if you’re cycling about like a mad fool.

You’ll get to see the reclining stone Buddha, the largest bronze Buddha and numerous ancient ruins… it’s all truly awe-inspiring.


At the end of a long day cycling go and get an oil, foot or Thai massage… you will feel refreshed and reenergized for another day. Around £3-£5 will get you a full hour or more of either.

The food is incredible, street vendors and restaurants both alike. I got into chicken Pad Thai -so much so that I consumed it three times in one day.

On the next day make sure you visit Ayutthaya’s floating market. It’s a fun experience, great food and great shopping with an open theatre island in the middle providing much amusement -I took in a Thai pirate show-!

Just a short tuk-tuk ride from the floating market is an elephant sanctuary where you can ride an elephant across the majestic ruins and take in the temples from atop this stunning creature (they have this kind of thing all over Thailand, just make sure the elephants are well cared for and it’s a dignified place). I also got to feed a baby elephant more cucumbers than I will eat in my lifetime!


There are plenty of tuk-tuks and motorbikes about to hop on and off for a quick ride about… My two friends and I were rather stuck one evening as we faced at least 22 snarling rabid dogs.

A passing motorbike managed to drive us ALL through the dogs safely –albeit terrifyingly! Four people on one bike with a pack of rabid dog’s snarling and trailing after us.

Oh, the joy. I am just happy I had had some Chang beer beforehand!

The people here are incredibly friendly and sweet, they are relaxed and open and comfortable.

There are no gay bars as such, but it is definitely a gay-friendly place to visit, after all it is Thailand… All are welcome!

Last Updated on Oct 28, 2015

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