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So the whole Calum McSwiggan saga appears to be over.

After claiming (And still claiming to this day) to have been bashed by a group of men in a West Hollywood car park back in June, McSwiggan and his team have made a plea bargain which has effectively shut down any chance at finding out the truth.

His final day in court occurred more than two weeks ago, but it has taken this long for eikon to exhaust all avenues to gain more information about the case and the plea deal that what was reported to the press following the hearing.


Officially, McSwiggan entered a guilty plea to one felony count of vandalism causing more than $400 in damage.

He received a sentence of three years’ felony probation, 52 sessions of anger-management counseling, and was ordered to pay $7,000 in restitution.

The LA County dropped the charge of filing a false police report as part of the plea deal which effectively ended the issue.

Some may have been happy with this result and walked away with their head held high and some skerrick of humility, but not McSwiggan.

In his first tweets following the settling of the case, he was still claiming he had vindicated by the charge being dropped.

Not once in any of the documents we have eyed does it say he didn’t commit that crime.

But it has now been wiped clean by a plea deal that will not only see him avoid jail but as part of the plea deal, his 52 days of anger management can be conducted in the UK, therefore, avoiding the cost of having to travel back to the US to complete the sessions.

McSwiggan will now go back to tweeting about gay Norwegian pick-up lines and why Cars is the worst Disney movie in history. Oh and probably never visit the US again.

For the rest of the youtube community, they are and will be wary the next time this so called star cries wolf.

Last Updated on Nov 27, 2016

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