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the matrix hidden transgender story

Director Confirms ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy had a Hidden Transgender Story

In a new interview about the trilogy, 'The Matrix' co-director Lilly Wachowski has confirmed that the popular sci-fi series is a transgender allegory. The interview...
homosexuality in tunisia

Court Upholds Jail Sentence for Homosexuality in Tunisia

An appeal by two men in Tunisia who were sent to jail for homosexuality has been upheld by an appeals court in the north...

One of Sweden’s Biggest Pop Stars, Darin, Just Came Out

For one of the most liberal countries in the world, to think that there would be a need for a pop star to actually...
Kylie disco

Kylie Minogue Saves 2020, Launches New Single ‘Say Something’

The Australian diva Kylie Minogue is about to return with an album more disco than ever before and the good news is that she...

Steelers Film: Bullying, Homophobia and Depression Amongst Inspiring Rugby Tale

Bullied throughout his Australian school life for being gay and then finding solace in a rugby club halfway around the world was the catalyst...
rainbow bmw

Russian BMW CEO Hits Back Over Criticism of Support for Pride

CEO of BMW in Russia has hit back at a wave of outrage over the company's support of Pride Month across the world where...
flags of sudan and lgbt

Sudan Repeals Death Penalty for Same-Sex Relations

Amongst a number of law reforms that have been passed by the Sovereign Council of Sudan this week, there has been a repeal of...
refugees welcome

Norway Prioritizes LGBTQ+ Refugees

The Norwegian Government has changed its guidelines to allow LGBTQ+ refugees to be prioritised in the country's refugee intake. The Norwegian Department of Integration has...
gay footballer in closet

Educate The Game – Open Letter Plea from Closeted Gay Footballer

A gay Premier League footballer in the UK has said he will remain in the closet until those people running football educates "basically everyone...
Victor Madrigal-Borloz UN

Calls for Global Ban on Conversion Therapy by UN Expert

A United Nations (UN) expert has called for a global ban on conversion therapy while telling the Human Rights Council that the practice inflicts...

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