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Teenage Dream to World Class Professional Dancer

Part 1 The young lad from Tasmania was always told "you're great for broadway" and there he was, performing in one of the most popular...
Lockhart Brownlie

Burning Ambition Is The Key For Star Dancer Lockhart Brownlie

At the ripe old age of 25, some would say Lockhart Brownlie has done it all, performed at the Super Bowl alongside Katy Perry,...
Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day

Eikōn at Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day

Fair Day is the opening event of the Sydney Mardi Gras which begins today. Every year, a melting pot of 70,000 smiling faces gathers together in...
Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas to headline Mardi Gras Party

Former teen heart-throb, Broadway star and international recording artist Nick Jonas is set to add a touch of class to the 2015 Sydney Mardi...

Eikōnic Men of the Auckland Nines

The New Zealand Warriors played host to 15 other National Rugby League franchises in the Auckland NRL Nines this weekend. The New Zealand Warriors were the...

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