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Fred Lamarche Entry into the Hair Expo Awards - Men's Hairdresser Awards

Australian and New Zealand’s Best Hairdressers Recognised

Australia and New Zealand’s most coveted hairdressers have been announced as finalists in the 2016 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards. The judging and subsequent finalist...
Eikon Spring Fashion

Eikon’s Spring Fashion Picks

Spring is finally upon us in the Southern Hemisphere and not a moment too soon. As rain showers and sunshine share the spotlight, Eikon...

You smell …. Good!

It's the last thing most guys will put on when leaving the house, however its generally one of, if not the first thing people...
5 guys and 2 pugs

Five Models and Two Pugs

Whenever you get five young guys together, even if they have never met each other before, you are sure to get some sky larking...
Hugh & Ali wearing Sly Underwear

The Path To Men’s Armour

While men's lingerie has been something of a taboo to speak about for most of the time, it has become an increasingly intriguing subject...
The Hex Tie

The Hex Tie – Revolutionary Men’s Accessory?

What: I was having a fun day on the internet browsing and I happened upon this spectacular piece of mens accessory. This piece of exquisite art...
Hugh in Inhale Apparel, Ali and Tom

Capitalising A Men’s Casual Cōnundrum

Strutting down the bustling street of Auckland City in Ray-Ban aviators, a white singlet from Suave, and some classic khaki chinos, I take a...
Eikon Fashion Top Summer Tips

Six Summer Fashion Eikōn Tips

Six Summer Fashion Eikōn Tips 1. Never have more than three colours at a time on an outfit Ever walked pass that guy dressed in rainbow...

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