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The Hex Tie

The Hex Tie – Revolutionary Men’s Accessory?

What: I was having a fun day on the internet browsing and I happened upon this spectacular piece of mens accessory. This piece of exquisite art...

Outcry over Urban Outfitters Tapestry Resembling Gay Concentration Camp Uniform

A piece of tapestry has appeared in US clothing retailer Urban Outfitters outlets which has raised the ire of the US Anti-Defamation League. The Jewish...
Hugh in Inhale Apparel, Ali and Tom

Capitalising A Men’s Casual Cōnundrum

Strutting down the bustling street of Auckland City in Ray-Ban aviators, a white singlet from Suave, and some classic khaki chinos, I take a...
Eikon Fashion Top Summer Tips

Six Summer Fashion Eikōn Tips

Six Summer Fashion Eikōn Tips 1. Never have more than three colours at a time on an outfit Ever walked pass that guy dressed in rainbow...
Apple Watch

Apple Watch – Fashion or Gadget?

The release of the much anticipated new addition to the Apple family dubbed the Apple Watch, is said to be released sometime in April...

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